The kitchen is one of the most dynamic places in a house and must demonstrate both its function as a style, so we have to take into account the types of lamps will choose kitchen so that they provide us with proper lighting.

The aim is to create a different atmosphere that transforms the kitchen into an attractive and be comfortable working area. Using our lights will eliminate shadows and highlight the countertops and work areas.

In NEXIA Outlet we offer profiles with LED strips both rigid and flexible to place under the cabinet; products are durable and can withstand splashes both food and cleaning. Whether a large kitchen is built like an extra in a small kitchen light is added, NEXIA Outlet offers a variety of options to start having proper lighting in the kitchen.

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Any cuisine requires special lighting with a light that reaches all corners allowing us to work with a clear vision, so that we distribute in a strategic manner:

  • Lighting should be decorative and inviting, so we must combine different types of light: spot and general.
  • Although the kitchen window and have access to natural light, it is always necessary to place kitchen lamps.
  • Point lights are usually placed on the bars of the kitchen and / or on the islands, in addition to dining on tables.
  • In other areas is usually to put downlights (large recessed spotlights low-power or led).



Our solutions to create a fascinating atmosphere and ensure optimum working light are:

  • 01121-XXXX (round recessed downlight with LED technology 2000lm / 25W, warm white or neutral white).
  • 15927-XXXX (round recessed downlight with LED technology 2000lm / 25W, warm white or neutral white).

It complements the general lighting with other decorative lights:

  • 15826: luminaire to light the dining table or breakfast bar
  • 15715 - 15720: rigid strips to illuminate specific areas such as drawers, shelves or countertops led
  • 15715-RGB: RGB rigid LED strips to install in specific areas such as drawers, shelves and countertops or give a more modern effect.
  • 00112: small recessed luminaire highlight specific points and walkways.

If you are not convencid @ the LED is the best choice, we can offer solutions with electronic fluorescence at bargain prices.

Replaces old downlights / bulbs with new ones that provide quality lighting to your kitchen and leverages that references in compact fluorescent lamps also have discounts that exceed 60%.

See our section on compact fluorescent.

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